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Text Box: LAST UPDATED: MARCH 6TH, 2022In 2023, there are 4.9 billion active social media users*, of which 4.15 billion people are accessing social media via mobile phones, and the number is growing exponentially at a rapid pace. Social media has changed the world and sparked the beginning of a new digital economy.

While social media apps have become a pillar of the internet experience, several pain points have consistently emerged: censorship, demonetization, shadow-banning, lack of privacy, diminished access, and growth in security issues brought about by centralized control.

A closer look reveals other critical shortcomings: an increased sense of social isolation, limited opportunities for self-expression, lack of genuine interactivity and limited opportunities for the development of a personal digital legacy.

Wonderlive tackles these issues head on by leveraging blockchain-technology to create the future of social media – Wonderlive is a decentralized application that fosters, connects, and rewards creators and their communities.

The Wonderlive Protocol envisions the interactions between Creators and their communities to be more meaningful and productive, unlocking a new paradigm in a decentralized economy, where the power belongs to the people.

*Facts & Figures - Social Media Statistics for 2022 (Smperth, 2022)

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